Here is a list of some frequently asked questions regarding the Haunted Tours

I booked the wrong date and need to change. What do I do?

Unfortunately, the tours are non-refundable, non-transferable (changing of dates once booked).  Please triple check the date and number of seats you are purchasing prior to confirming. Heartland Travel or Muddy Water Tours assumes no responsibility of missed tour nights, or unfulfilled seats/spots on the buses or Vigils.


Do I need to bring my online or emailed confirmations with me the night of the tour?

It is recommended you bring all of your confirmations with you to the tour to avoid any problems at check in. If you can’t bring your confirmations with you, that’s fine too.


I am booked onto a tour but can’t make it. What do I do?

You can get someone to fill your spot for you. If it is before 5pm the night of the tour, please contact Heartland Travel at (204) 989-9630 or or if it’s the night of the tour and after 5pm, contact Muddy Water Tours at (204) 989-4678 and the appropriate adjustments will be made to the tour list for the night. If you do not get someone to fill your spot, no refund or option to go on another tour night is given. Heartland Travel or Muddy Water Tours assumes no responsibility of missed tour nights, or unfulfilled seats/spots on the buses or Vigils.


I am a senior or student, is there a discount off the price?

Unfortunately, no, there are no discounts given. We have two prices for the bus tours, and one price for the Vigils. Please see the individual tour web pages for this information.


I have a group of 10 people or more, is there a discount?

Yes, there are discounts given for groups of 10 people or more. Please see the group and private tour request page for more information or Contact Heartland Travel.


I have a group of people I want to take on the tour with me. How do I know how many spots are left on a tour?

You can always contact Heartland Travel at (204) 989-9630 or email and we will be able to tell you the available tour spots. Just remember, if a date does not show up in the online booking site, then the tour is sold out.


I am organizing a group of people but do not want to pay for everyone all at once. What do I do?

Please collect payment from your group prior to booking, then contact Heartland Travel to book and pay all at once. This is the easiest thing to do. Remember, we cannot hold seats without payment.


The weather looks bad outside, is there still going to be a tour?

Yes! Tours go rain or shine. Please make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.


What kind of equipment can I bring with me to remember the tour by?

Feel free to bring a camera, video recording devises, recorders, etc. with you.

Note-no filming is allowed on the bus traveling to the different locations. Filming is only allowed during the experiments.


I got some unusual images from the tour. Where can I send in my photos from the tour?

You can send your top 3 photos from the tour to or Let us know the date of the tour, approximate time, location, anything you were feeling at the time the photo was taken, and make of camera you have.

Note by submitting your photos to us, employees at Heartland Travel and Muddy Water Tours can and will use them on their web sites, promotional material, and any other way regarding the tours. Please let us know if you would like a photo credit or to keep it as anonymous.


Where can I park for the bus tours?

Parking is complimentary for three hours on your designated tour night at the Wawanesa Insurance Building Parking Lot. You can start parking there any time after 6:30pm. The parking lot has a brown fence around it and is at the corner of Main Street and Broadway Avenue, next to VJ’s Drive In Restaurant.


Is dinner included on the bus tours?

No, no food or beverages are included on the bus tours. Feel free to bring a light snack with your or bottle of water/juice/coffee with you on the tours. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any of the Haunted tours. Refreshments and light snacks are included in the Vigils at the St. Boniface Museum as well as any vigil that has a dinner with it.


What do I wear for the bus tours?

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes and remember to dress appropriately for the weather.


Are the tours wheelchair accessible?

The tours are designed for people with mobility. The buses we use are not wheelchair accessible. If you are able to walk up/down the stairs of the bus, then taking the tour should be fine for you.


Are my children suited to take these tours?

It depends on your children. If they are comfortable with being in the dark and listening to ghost stories, then they shouldn't have a problem. If they are in any way uncomfortable in the dark, or skittish, then we don’t recommend them taking the tours. Please note that ages 18 and up are allowed onto the Haunted Winnipeg Investigates Tour. If you have a teen aged 15-17, a signed waiver form from the parent or guardian is collected prior to taking the tour.

My child is 10 and wants to take the Haunted Winnipeg Investigates Tour. Why can't they?

We suggest ages 18 and up take this tour due to the experiments done and the environment you are in. Many younger children can't handle the feelings at the locations and activities that are done. We suggest taking the Historical Haunted Winnipeg Bus Tour if you have children under 15 as it is more family friendly, covers a lot of ghost stories and buildings that are haunted in Winnipeg.


Why can’t we enter some of the buildings on the tours?

Many of the places on the tour are private residences or buildings that will not allow a group to enter or are unsafe to enter. There is a DVD presentation on board the bus to show you pictures from the inside of the buildings we cannot enter. Look for You Tube Videos from some of the experiments Muddy Water Tours has done on the haunted tours.


Do people jump out at me on the tours?

No. The guides have spent countless hours on research, investigations, time, and effort to bring you a highly informative, educational, and interactive experience on the tours and Vigils. No one will jump out at you at any of the locations.


I want to purchase a tour as a gift for my friend or relative but I don't know when they want to go. Do you have gift certificates available?

We sell gift certificates for either bus tours or Vigils. Contact Heartland Travel at (204) 989-9630 for more information.


Can I dress up for the tour?

Absolutely! Please make sure costumes are appropriate and are not obstructive or disturbing for anyone else on the tour.


Am I allowed to bring alcoholic beverages on the bus?

No. The bus company and Heartland Travel will not allow alcohol on board the bus due to safety and liability concerns. The tours finish just before 10pm, so there is plenty of time to head out afterwards. Just remember to be responsible.


I would like more information about other tours Muddy Water Tours do. Who do I contact?

For more information on Muddy Water Tours, visit their web page at: or call (204) 898-4678 (GOST).


I would like more information on Donna Elliott, the spirit medium. Who do I contact?

Please contact Muddy Water Tours at: (204) 898-4678 (GOST) or email


If you still have questions on the Haunted Tours, please contact Heartland Travel at (204) 989-9630 or email

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