Summer in Churchill

Belugas, Birds, and Blooms

July/August 2014



Most people know that to see polar bears in their natural habitat, they should visit Churchill during October and November. What many people don't know is that Churchill has just as much to offer during the summer months.

With as many as 3,000 beluga whales sighted in a day, Churchill is one of the best places in the world to view these gentle mammals. Often called sea canaries for their unusual vocalizations, these white whales arrive in the Churchill River estuary every summer looking for warmer water in which to give birth, feed and shed their skins. Our boat tours feature onboard hydrophones that amplify the songs of the most vocal whale in the world.

Travel across the Churchill River and explore historic Fort Prince of Wales with its 40-foot thick stone walls and 40 cannons. Step-back in time and relive the early days of the fur trade.

Beluga whale watching from the Sea North II

Belugas, Birds, and Blooms Tour Availability and prices for 2014:

July 24-July 29       $3,999.00 CAD + taxes / person

August 7-August 12   $3,999.00 CAD + taxes / person

Prices can be subject to change; other tour dates may be available


Beluga Zodiac Tour

This is a guided excursion into the beluga whale estuary in a Zodiac. Quickly move around the beluga whale estuary and experience the largest beluga whale population in the world at surface level. Zodiacs are industrial-strength inflatable boats commonly used by military and law enforcement agencies.

Tundra Buggy Tour

Climb aboard the famous Tundra Buggy-the same all terrain vehicle on our fall polar bear day tours and see one of the world's most unique natural expanses. Explore the colorful sub-arctic flora, and view wildlife such as foxes and nesting tundra birds. Also view loons, terns, and a wide variety of other shorebirds.

Guided Churchill Area Tour

Visit the local and historical points of interest in and around Churchill. This can include such spots as Cape Merry, Port of Churchill, the Polar Bear compound, and the wrecked hull of the ore ship "Ithaca" that sits in nearby Bird Cove. A Visit to the Parks Canada Interpretive Centre features displays on Churchill's early days and offers feature film presentations. You will also tour the Eskimo Museum, renowned for its outstanding collection of Inuit artifacts.

Sample of Beluga, Birds, and Blooms Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Arrive into Winnipeg by own arrangement. Afternoon Winnipeg city tour including downtown Winnipeg, Legislative Building, St. Boniface Museum, and the Manitoba Museum. Overnight in Winnipeg.

Day 2

Morning flight from Winnipeg to Churchill. Group participates in Churchill and area tour with stops at Eskimo Museum and Parks Canada Centre. Overnight in Churchill.

Day 3

Morning beluga whale three-hour tour (includes tour of Prince of Wales Fort). Afternoon dog cart excursion. Overnight in Churchill.

Day 4

Full day Tundra Buggy Tour. Overnight in Churchill.

Day 5

Morning two-hour Zodiac whale watching tour. Depart Churchill in the evening by air. Overnight in Winnipeg.

Day 6

Depart Winnipeg at leisure.

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Additional Optional Tours

Helicopter Tours (Price is extra)

Hop on board a helicopter and get a bird's eye view of Churchill and the surrounding area. Make sure to bring along your camera to capture the unique surroundings and any wildlife that may be out.

Kayaking and Snorkeling Tours (each tour is 2.5 hours-prices are extra)

Kayak along the Churchill River, as you get up close and personal with the whales and other wildlife. A Zodiac boat accompanies you along the way for added safety reasons. You have a choice of using either a regular or transparent kayak for your journey (transparent kayaks are extra in price). Grab a wetsuit and jump into the river for an exclusive look at the whales as they travel throughout the river. A wetsuit and equipment is provided to you.

Note: These tours are scheduled according to the tides and may not be available to take at certain times.

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