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2016 Tour Dates:

Tours will start April 27 and end October 19 and will run on Wednesday evenings


$39.95/person – for the tour only (includes all taxes and fees)


$59.95/person – for the tour and one copy of the Hermetic Code book

The price is per person including students, youth, and seniors

Included: Exclusive guided one and half hour tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building by Dr. Frank Albo

Space is limited for these exclusive tours; spots must be booked in advance, and are non-refundable and cannot be changed once booked. Please dress appropriately for the weather as the first 15 minutes of the tour is outside. Cameras are also allowed on the tours as well as a beverage and small snacks.


Please note if you have signed up to take the Hermetic Code Tour, you must have valid photo ID on you as you MAY need to present it at the Security Desk when you check in for the tour.


Since 2009, more than 20,000 people have taken the Hermetic Code Tour.


“Frank Albo – a highly charismatic polymath – leads one of the very best tours of any public building anywhere in the world” writes a smitten Max Anderson, Editor of Australia’s Adelaide Hills Magazine and Travel Writer for the Sydney Morning Herald


Order your copy of the Hermetic Code Book today.


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Spots are non-refundable once booked.

Want to take the tour but can’t decide on a date yet? Looking to give someone a unique gift? Gift certificates are also available by calling us at 204-989-9630.


Hermetic Code Teacher Kit


Have you ever wondered why the Manitoba Legislative Building has sphinxes on the roof? Do you know the true identity of the Golden Boy? Join Dr. Frank Albo, academic inspiration behind The Hermetic Code, for an unforgettable tour of magic, mystery and architectural wonder. Meet inside the Manitoba Legislative Building and begin to unlock mysteries of Canada’s most unique architectural landmark.

Dr. Albo will take you along step-by-step to reveal a trail of occult clues concealed in the building’s architecture including: hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked they have escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years!

The Hermetic Code Tour is part of the Signature Experience Collection with Destination Canada and is one of only a handful of tours internationally promoted by Destination Canada.

Time: 6pm until 7:45pm

Please arrive at around 15-20 minutes prior to the start of the tour. Meet at the main entrance of the Legislative Building (450 Broadway), around the security desk

Location:Manitoba Legislative Building, 450 Broadway Avenue, main entrance, around the security desk.


Check out this travel article from Traveller.com about Winnipeg being one of the BEST places they love the most! We rank right up there with Paris, Buenos Aires, Rome, and LA to name a few! Know what else is listed? The Hermetic Code Tour was listed as Best Experience in Winnipeg and one of the most original cultural tours the write has ever taken in the world. Read the full article here.

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