Heartland International Travel & Tours Presents:

2013 Manitoba Historical Fur Trade Tour


Tour Date:                   Saturday August 24 - Sunday August 25, 2013


Please complete and fax or mail the following: (Please Print Clearly)


Guest's Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________


Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________


City: ______________________     Prov/State:                    ____________   Postal/Zip Code : _____________


Phone Number:                                     ____________________________   Fax Number: ____________________________


E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________________________

 Hotel Occupancy: Double   _____ Single   _____  

 Please note any food allergies or diet restrictions: _____________________________________________________________________________________


Note: If you require flight arrangements to Winnipeg and overnight hotel bookings prior to and after the tour we would be pleased to assist.

We have a special stopover rate at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre of $117.00 CAD / night + taxes for a standard room, dbl occupancy.

Do you wish us to book rooms?   Yes ____     No ____   Check in__________________   Check out ________________ Nights: ______

Do you wish us to book flights? Departure Date: ____________________ Return Date: ______________________ Departing City: ______________________________


A Non-Refundable deposit of $500.00 CDN per person is due at the time of booking.

Final payment due: Wednesday July 04, 2013

All participants must sign a waiver form. Click here for a copy.


Please charge my payments to:     (Please circle)         MasterCard         Visa          


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Insurance: Yes____ No____

If yes, select one of the following:

*RBC Insurance: Travel Within Canada Package _____ Non Medical Package _____ Cancellation and Interruption _____

* Insurance is available for Canadian Residents only.


For those wanting insurance we require your dates of birth (DD/MMM/YYYY): __________________________________________________________________________


Note : Insurance is an important issue. If you don't want coverage we require your signature below, otherwise your Travel Request Form will not be processed. Rates are below.  


Name: _________________________________ Signature______________________________________________________________  Date: ____________________


We strongly urge participants to purchase Travel Insurance. Neither Heartland International Travel & Tours nor their agents or contractors will be held responsible for missed connections, incorrect check in times, improper documentation, lost, stolen or damaged luggage. Any additional expenses caused by late or cancelled transportation carriers will be borne by the traveler. Cancellations made prior to July 04/12 will result in the loss of complete deposit. Cancellations made between July 05/12 and the departure date will result in the loss of total payment made. Click here for a general explanation of insurance coverage.


**Please note. Weather conditions play a major role in northern activities. Heartland International Travel & Tours will endeavor to provide the tour as advertised, although schedules and costs may be subject to change without notice. Delays or changes may at times be necessary. In the event of flight delays, changes in tour or cancellations, expenses will be borne by the traveler. Refunds will not be issued. We suggest you check Customs Regulations regarding import restrictions prior to beginning your trip.


  Heartland International Travel & Tours

Suite 202-3111 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, MB   R3K 0W4

Toll free: 1-866-890-3377 or fax: 1-204-989-9636 Email: info@heartlandtravel.ca


Heartland International Travel & Tours Presents:

2013 Manitoba Historical Fur Trade Tour

Optional Insurance Package : Insurance coverage is strongly recommended. Please note that for some previous tours, passengers declined the purchase of insurance and subsequently had to cancel their travel plans due to unexpected accidents.nobody plans to have an accident. Air and hotel cancellation penalties took effect and considerable sums of money were lost. See what type of coverage is applicable to you and then make your decision accordingly.

RBC Travel Insurance  

1) Travel Within Canada Insurance:  

Travel within Canada insurance covers you for emergency medical costs that you may incur while you are on your tour; it also covers for any cancellation penalties you may be required to pay in the event that you have booked and paid for everything, and then can't go due to an unexpected medical reason. The key word is "unexpected"... the insurance will not cover for existing medical situations, or if you simply change your mind and don't want to go. In addition, the insurance will also cover you if someone in your immediate family becomes ill, due to unexpected medical reasons, and this prevents you from traveling. Terms and conditions are as per RBC's insurance policy. In the event of a claim, RBC Insurance will require a doctor's certificate to substantiate the claim. Travel within Canada insurance is available for Canadian residents only and whose travel is entirely within Canada.


Travel Within Canada Insurance covers for the following:

-Trip cancellation & interruption (i.e. covers for air and/or hotel cancellation penalties that may apply)

-Subsistence allowance of up to $3,500.00 at the destination if you cannot return as originally scheduled

-Unlimited hospital, medical coverage

-Air flight accident insurance up to $100,000

-Travel accident insurance up to $50,000

-Baggage & personal effects insurance up to $1,000.00, and delay of baggage up to   $400.00


2) Non-Medical Travel Insurance:

This option is for those who already have extended medical coverage. You are insured for everything that the deluxe insurance covers, as shown above, except for unlimited hospital, medical expenses.


The following insurance rates are based on the package cost from Winnipeg (double occupancy). For those with Winnipeg overnight hotels and/or airfares in and out of Winnipeg, higher rates will/may apply and can be requested. Policy exclusions apply as far as pre-existing medical circumstances are concerned. Terms and conditions are as per the policy issued by RBC Insurance.


Travel within Canda Insurance Package                                                       Age

Coverage 1 to 4 days                            up to 59           60-64              65-69                 70-74           75-79       80 +

Rates:                                                 $162                 $182             $195                   $225            $341        $426


Non-medical coverage, for those with their own medical insurance, is available as follows:


Non-Medical Package Insurance                                        Age

Coverage 1 to 4 days                            up to 59            60-64        65-69            70-74              75-79        80 +

Rates:                                                   $156                 $176        $189           $217                 $330       $412

Cancellation and Interruption Insurance                                        Age

Coverage 1 to 4 days                            up to 59            60-64        65-69            70-74              75-79        80 +

Rates:                                                   $167.60        $188.50        $204.30        $234.20           $345.10       $427.10


Premiums are taxable at 8% when sold to Ontario residents.