Polar Bears of Churchill

Tours from Early October - Mid-November

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Each year in the fall, along the west shore of Canada's Hudson Bay, one of the world's most fascinating wildlife events occurs. Scores of polar bears gather along the shore near Churchill, Manitoba waiting for the bay to freeze so they can begin the annual hunt for their choice prey, seals.

If one has been fortunate enough to view a documentary that features these Lords of the Arctic, chances are that it was filmed in Churchill from one of the original Tundra Buggies®. Polar bears are normally solitary creatures but in Churchill, at this time of the year, one can see them gathering and mothers and cubs will often be seen together. Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers throughout the world travel to Churchill in order to witness this remarkable event. There are many ways to see these polar bears, and we actually offer several different options from which to choose.

Alternatives can range from two nights in Churchill with two day-long excursions, to the ultimate polar bear experience, nine nights in the Tundra Buggy Lodge at Cape Churchill, where one gets to "sleep with the bears" and observe them 24-hours a day.

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