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There is a new trend in tourism towards a cultural / eco tourism style of tour or vacation. Over the years, people have travelled for relaxation and recreation to so called exotic destinations. These destinations include Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, or on cruises. Now people are looking towards a more active, interesting and educational holiday where they attempt to learn and understand the culture and environment of a destination. In rural Western Canada, this can be interpreted as agricultural tourism. Manitoba is ideally positioned and has the perfect blend of cutting edge agriculture technology, production, and research to offer a very enlightening agricultural tour.


Examples of Manitoba Agri Tourism Products:

  • Agriculture Research
  • Grain and Livestock production
  • Poultry Production
  • Specialty Agricultural products
  • Equipment and chemical suppliers, grain companies, etc.

Tour Documents / Booking

PLEASE NOTE: Agricultural tours are developed for groups

Just let us know the areas of interest and we will develop a tour package for you. Below are examples of tours to give you an idea of what can be done.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please email or call Don Finkbeiner (204) 989-9630 or N.A. toll free 1-866-890-3377.


Tours of farms are established in conjunction with visits to Agricultural manufacturer plants such as New Holland, Macdon, Monsanto, or Simplot etc. plus grain companies, Wheat board, Commodity Exchange, etc. In addition the tours provide visits to general tourism attractions such as the Manitoba Museum, Lower Fort Garry, Fort Whyte Alive, Oak Hammock Marsh, and The Forks National Historic Site.

We have the contacts to establish a very exciting agricultural tour of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota.

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  • Farm Tour
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