The Forks & French Quarter Day

Tour Details

Tour Dates

6-7 hours

Subject to availability


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Tour Includes:

  • Guided tour of the Forks National Historic Site of Canada
  • Entrance fee and guided tour of Fort Gibraltar
  • Lunch at Resto Gare
  • Admission and guided tour of St. Boniface Museum
  • Tour guide throughout
  • Deluxe highway motor coach transportation


This tour begins with the Forks National Historic site, Winnipeg’s historical “meeting place”, with its unique outdoor historic site and indoor market of various shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Continue over the new Provencher Bridge to Winnipeg’s French Quarter (St. Boniface), which is the largest French speaking community West of Thunder Bay. Enter Fort Gibraltar where we will be welcomed and taken back 200 years to the period of the Voyageurs and the fur trade in the Northwest. Visit the interpretive cabins and experience the joie de vive of this era.

Next, we will dine in elegant, romantic 1900’s atmosphere at La Vieille Gare. This restaurant is a St. Boniface landmark, located in the old railway station, with an adjoining restored dining car.

After lunch, we will see the beautiful St. Boniface Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Western Canada. The Cathedral’s cemetery features the grave of Louis Riel, the famous Métis leader and founder of Manitoba. The last stop is the St. Boniface Museum. Built in 1846 it is the largest remaining traditional oak log structure in North America and the first hospital in the Canadian West.

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  • The French Quarter
  • The Forks