Transportation Through Time Tour

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Tour Dates

4 hours

Subject to availability


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Tour Includes:

  • Transportation by highway equipped motor coach
  • Admission and entrance into the Western Canada Aviation Museum, Winnipeg Railway Museum, and the Fire Service Museum of Winnipeg
  • Tour guide throughout


We begin at the Western Canada Aviation Museum where you will see a wide variety of vintage aircraft on display. The Western Canada Aviation Museum offers a unique mix of history and science. Enter through ‘Gate 1’ – the original Trans Canada Airlines (now Air Canada) passenger terminal. Step back in time and let the pioneer aviators of the north take you on an inspirational journey through time. Your visit will be filled with tales from the sky, great ideas (and not so great ideas) in flight, and a true appreciation for the adventuring spirit. Then you will visit the Winnipeg Railway Museum, which offers a collection of vintage rail cars, cabooses, and the prairie’s first locomotive the “Countess of Dufferin”. Finally you will visit the Fire Service Museum of Winnipeg. This station was once the oldest active fire station in Canada. The Museum features hand and horse-drawn, steam, and early motorized fire apparatus, artifacts, photographs, and records dating back to the 1880’s.

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  • WCAM 1
  • Railway Museum